Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel Flaunt their Booties

Candice Swanepoel ass

Adriana Lima is Brazilian, and that means she has a killer booty, of course. But aren’t you surprised to see that Candice Swanepoel, being South African, has even a better rear end than Adriana herself?

I’ve been admiring Candice Swanepoel for years now, and I never noticed how round her ass was. I was well aware of the beauty of her face and perkiness of her natural little titties, but that ass blows the rest of her out of the water. Candice Swanepoel definitely needs to start turning around more often. If she has got it, she should flaunt it!

Adriana Lima Bikini Pictures

adriana lima bikini

Adriana Lima has the best tits in the haute couture world, and although she’s not as eager to show them as some of her Victoria’s Secrets counterparts (namely Rosie Huntington Whiteley), she’s not exactly hiding them lately.

Here she can be appreciated in some sexy bikinis while being photographed for the upcoming VS catalog. As you can see, those Adriana Lima titties are literally overflowing her bikini tops.

Ah, and don’t let me forget to mention her pussy thrusting action. Notice in the leopard print bikini, how she keeps thrusting her hips forward… is Adriana trying to tell us something?

Adriana Lima Nude

adriana lima naked

Here’s all time favorite Adriana Lima and her insanely hot body in the buff posing for… err… some lucky photographer. The truth is that I have no idea what these nude photos of Adriana Lima were shot for, but I’m certainly glad they were shot.

It’s only a shame that she is technically naked in these pictures but not really naked. She needs to move her arms, and change her angle, and may be spread her legs a little more… heck, she should marry me and call it a day!

Anyway, enjoy these photos of Adriana Lima naked and in lingerie. What better way to start the long weekend than by feasting your eyes with the hottest Brazilian super model ever?