Aubrey O’Day in Underpants

Aubrey O'Day

We all love a good Twitter slut, and in days like today when celebrity nipple slips are scarce, they tend to save the day. So let’s hear a cheer for Aubrey O’Day and her latest Twitter picture, where she poses nearly naked (except for a tiny bra and underpants), hugging her puppy.

Speaking of puppies, Aubrey O’Day’s big bad puppies have been staying out of the lime light lately, and one has to wonder what’s going on with this cute and curvy socialite-slash-celebrity. Will she go back to Vegas to entertain us by getting naked at PeepShow, or will she limit herself to selling millions of milkshakes?

Aubrey O’Day has Lots of Curves

Aubrey o'day legs

Audrey O’Day must have been tasting lots of her own milkshakes. The girl is expanding, and although that’s good for any chick’s curves (the more meat, the more curves), there’s a point where any Hollywood celebrity needs to look at herself in the mirror and accept she has to hit the gym. Seriously, if Audrey wants to keep her job at Vegas Peepshow, she needs to keep her weight under control.

Here’s Aubrey O’Day at the Us Hot Hollywood Style Awards party at the W hotel in Hollywood, an event she showed up to dressed in a very tight, very short red dress. Lots of legs showing and tons of boobage being compressed inside the dress. At least she’s still showing skin!

Aubrey O’Day Sells Lots of Milkshakes

Aubrey O'Day Millions of Milkshakes

Remember just a couple of days ago when I wrote about Aubrey O’Day and her Millions of Milkshakes topless video? Well, the photos from the venue’s grand opening are here, and if we are to judge its success by the amount of people who showed up there on Saturday, things are looking pretty good for Aubrey. So yes, Aubrey O’Day’s milkshakes did bring in all the boys!

Unfortunately although O’Day wore her already popular apron all day long, she failed to be naked under it this time. As you can see in the pictures below, she had some sort of cheetah print outfit that was pretty low in the chest area, but since she had that darn apron on most of the time, no nipple slips were recorded. Still, she looked great, her boobs were about to pop out and she sold lots of milkshakes. All in all, her venture seems to be a hit. Let’s hope it continues to go well; she is a bit of an airhead but a nice girl nonetheless.

Aubrey O’Day’s Topless Video

Aubrey O'Day Millions of Milkshakes

Aubrey O’Day is officially launching her signature brand Millions of Milkshakes and she’s doing it with a big party that will benefit the Red Cross. And since this is a good cause, and Aubrey is a girl with a big heart (among other things that are also big in her anatomy), she even volunteered to be topless in the Millions of Milkshakes promotional video.

In the clip, which has become one of her most popular videos ever, Aubrey O’Day is seen dressed in nothing but an apron and hot pink shoes, while holding a tasty milkshake in her hand. I have no idea how good these drinks are, but there’s no doubt on my mind that Aubrey O’Day’s personal milkshakes will bring all the boys to the yard!

Paris Hilton gets invited to a birthday party.

Paris Hilton has been on a good streak in concern with list. Last week she made it to the Grammys, even though she has nothing to do with the music industry that doesn’t revolve around ruining it. This week, she was invited to Aubrey O’Days birthday party. How VIP. Anyways, they both looks really hot. You go girls, check out the rest of the sexy Paris Hilton and Aubrey ODay pictures.

Aubrey O’Day goes to Playboy for help.

When all else fails, take your clothes off for Hugh Hefner. And by fail I mean have P-Diddy give you the boot on Danity Kane.Here is more from TMZ.

TMZ spies say the Danity Kane has-been spent all day at a Manhattan photo studio doing a spread for Playboy, and we’re told hotshot photog Markus Klinko was the guy who had to look at her naked body all day through the lens.

That’s the right attitude Aubrey, way to salvage a career that really never-was. Although, Hef is still cooler than P-Diddy, no matter how old he is. And, Aubrey has a very nice rack. I guess a lot of things are going for her in this case.