Audrina Patridge, bikini time in Cabo.

Here are some pictures of Audrina Patridge, star of the fake reality show, The Hills, in a bikini. These were taken in Cabo. Personally, I think whoever took them should be shot, as they are terrible, but hey, its Friday and we will take what we can get. Girl is still rockstar hot, but some better shots would have been nice…Check out the rest of Audrina Patridge’s pictures.

Audrina Patridge, rockin’ a bikini for you.

Not much going on this Sunday, but I did find some Audrina Patridge Bikini pictures, which are always a worthy post. She is billed as Queen of The Hills. And that’d be accurate. I really think when her reality career ends, she should just wear bikinis on the beach for a living. Seems logical for me. Anyways, check out a couple more Audrina Patridge bikini pictures.

Audrina Patridge, her hills are alive…

with the sound of voluptuous. Yeah, this is Audrina Patridge filming an episode of The Hills. You know, the show that stars Heidi Montag? Sorry Audrina, just trying to ruffle some boobs here. Not much to say about his few photos we have from the set, except: Fake boobs can be good. They can also be weird. But they are always fun. That’s the nutshell folks.