Obama roast himself, pretty much.

This is video of Obama at The Whitehouse Correspondents dinner, which is essentially a roast that every President attends shortly after the election. Also, I posted Wanda Sykes speech as well, because its a show stopper. Enjoy.

Obama discusses Olympics on Leno….uh oh.

Barack Obama has ticked off some people. On his appearance on Jay Leno during his California trip, he made a joke about the Special Olympics and that didn’t go over very well. Looks like the public honeymoon is over. Welcome to Washington Barack. He did later apologize….

Jack Bauer tries to help Obama.

Not a bad shot at humor. Jack Bauer warns President Obama of a terrorist attack. Obama doesn’t seem to be falling for it. Pretty good skit. Worth checking out.

Barack and Michelle Obama, dancing with the stars.

The Neighborhood Ball on Inauguration Day pitted Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, dancing for the judges. Well, judges being the media. Michelle got good reviews for her attire, and both won praise for their dancing skills.

Oh, and, well, we have a new president this morning. Doesn’t America just feel different? Congrats to the Obamas!

Obama Girl gives President Elect….a puppy?

Obama Girl, or Amber Lee Ettinger, whichever you want to call her, is still running on a fuel tank of crazy. She gave a cardboard version of President Elect, Barack Obama, a puppy. The moral of this story is: If you are Michelle Obama, be worried, be very very worried when your man takes a secret service trip to Vegas.

Lets be honest, Obama is the hot thang now. And this girl is hot. I mean sexy, hot, and most importantly, very willing. This Presidency may prove to be a tougher task than what Clinton faced; and we all know where that ended up. Good luck Michelle, might consider hitting the gym, or brining in the VP’s wife for some fun bedroom fun so you keep your new superstar husband on his toes.