Blake Lively for Marie Claire

blake lively marie claire

Blake Lively is the celebrity of the month on the UK edition of Marie Claire, and for some reason they made her look like she jumped straight out of the 50’s decade. The colors of the photos, the way she is dressed and even the ambiance remind us of one of those 1950’s rich housewives. Although Blake Lively looks great in these pictures, I personally would’ve gone for a less classical and much sluttier pictorial. Oh, wait! Marie Claire is not “that kind” of magazine.

Anyway, in her interview for MC, Blake refused to talk about her boyfriend Penn Badgley, and simply said:

At the end of the day, you’re just in any relationship. How does anybody go to work every day and come home? You just do it and it either works or it doesn’t.’

A Blake Lively Upskirt Moment

blake lively upskirt

Blake Lively didn’t really seem to stand out as a celeb for several years after Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, until she ended up in her breakout role as Serena on Gossip Girl.  Of course once you get a nice blonde hottie noticed by the public, she’s never going back into the background ever again.

You think you can count on the paparazzi to get what we all need.  Put a hottie like Blake in a flowing skirt, something in each hand so she can’t hold that skirt down, and let the wind blow.  Beautiful shots of her silken legs, but we are stopped just shy of pure heaven.  Take a moment to enjoy these great shots of Blake Lively and her flowing skirt, where we just almost got the most beautiful view ever.

Blake Lively’s Legs Go all the Way to Heaven

Blake Lively legs

Boobs and butts are very important, I know. But after you take a look at these pictures of Blake Lively you will understand the real meaning of legs. Real long legs that can be wrapped around your body and send you to heaven in just a second.

TV actress Blake Lively is back to work after taking a short break from the filming of Gossip Girl. Blake, who is best known for her portrayal of Serena van der Woodsen in the book-based TV series, was seen filming a scene this weekend wearing short black shorts and perched on top of 5 inch heels that made her already long legs look amazing. I’m almost tempted to watch the next episode of Gossip Girl. Almost…

Blake Lively for Vogue

blake lively vogue

Although she’s got the body of a super model, Blake Lively is not known for her modeling skills. If you’re familiar with Blake and her work, you know that her raise to fame came from her acting on the TV series Gossip Girl. But such a kick ass body couldn’t go to waste, and Vogue magazine offered Blake a full blown modeling opportunity: a whole pictorial in its latest edition, where the beautiful actress poses in more than a dozen photographs shot by Vogue’s golden-boy photographer.

In her interview for Vogue, Blake Lively talks about her life, her origins and how great it is to have been born rich and in the entertainment industry, saying:

It’s nice sometimes to have not so much to do — there’s time to walk through the park and to cook.

She forgot to add “and to show lots of skin every time possible”!

Blake Lively nipple slip pictures.

Blake Lively, Nipple slip, Boobs

When Blake Lively isn’t playing a sexy Gossip Girl, she apparently walks the streets of New York talking on her cell phone with her nipples hanging out. Here are tons of good shots of the nipple. Hey, its Labor Day weekend folks, its all about the nipples. Happy clicking…

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