Britney Spears Modeling for Candies

Britney Spears Sexy Photos
Singer and controversial celebrity Britney Spears has a new job: model and spokeswoman for all-American shoe line Candies. And for it, the former Princess of Pop is looking better than ever. Taking into account how great Britney used to look ten years ago, that’s one serious compliment.

Showing a perfectly shaped body and flawless long, muscular legs, the mother of two is living proof that exercise does a body good. After reportedly spending six to eight hours a day at the gym, Britney is back to her pre-motherhood weight and shape. And, despite the shoes she’s wearing in these ads being the last thing any hot blooded human will look at, there’s no doubt Candies shoe sales will go through the roof. After all, sex sells, and as these photos prove, Britney Spears is the new definition of sexy.

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