Britney Spears’ Boobs Hang Freely

Britney Spears Nipples

Britney Spears had been acting quite normal lately after the great success of her Circus world tour and her tremendous weight loss, but somehow she lost a couple of marbles yesterday. Brit Brit was spotted dressed in a tank top, pantyhose, boots and what seem like pirate pants made from a Gucci scarf. If the outfit itself wasn’t weird enough, Britney seemed to have forgotten to remove the tag from her pants, and she walked around all afternoon long with it hanging from her waist.

Nevertheless, the Princess of Pop made up for her absent-mindedness by not wearing a bra under her white tank top, and if you take a close look at the photos below, you can see her boobies hanging freely with her nipples clearly visible. Thanks, Britney, this is why we love you!

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