Britney Spears brother gets married.

Britney Spears brother got married on New Year’s Eve, to Jamie Lynn Spears manager. Hey, I know, this isn’t interesting, but it’s Friday morning and there isn’t all that much going on. What can I do? More from People.

It was beautiful,” a source tells PEOPLE about the elder Spears’s wedding to Graciella Sanchez, 36, longtime manager of little sister Jamie Lynn. “It was only close family, very small and intimate.”
While the couple’s engagement may have caught many by surprise – they only recently started dating seriously – the two have been acquaintances for years.
“The family was totally excited,” a friend of the family tells PEOPLE. “Graciella’s wonderful. Everybody was happy about it.”

Britney Spears dating life is now fusion.

So Britney Spears is apparently dating internationally now. She is now being linked to her Indian choreographer Sandip Soparrkar, who is a known playa! Hey, don’t hate the playa, hate the game!

What does Britney Spears have to say about a budding romance with the hot choreographer Sandip Soparrkar? In true celebrity fashion, she says everything and nothing all at once: “Sandip is a very handsome man.” Soparrkar himself claims they’ll only be working, but he also teases the press subtly, saying that “I am planning to do the rumba, which is the dance of love.”

Lets just be straight about this: Britney Spears is hot again. And cute. She’s in shape. Smiling. All the goods. K-Fed is fat. So my score is: Indian 1, K-Fed 0. At least for this year. Now if this Indian can take crazy on his curry……he will be just fine.

Britney Spears dad thinks he is awesome.

Jamie Spears, father of Britney Spears, got a raise from a Los Angeles Superior Court judge.

Jamie Spears had been receiving $10,000 a month for his work, but Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz increased that amount to approximately $16,000 per month and agreed to give him backpay.
He was also granted an additional $1,200 monthly payment so he can maintain an office, which Goetz said was justified by his work getting his daughter’s personal life — and music career — back on track.

Wouldn’t it seem that getting a trainwreck back on track would be worth a bit more than that? Maybe he is being paid under the table. All the same, easy money…..

Britney Spears likes things tiny.

So what a more perfect place for her to be than Japan, where everything, including the cars, is tiny.

Britney seems to be having a great time on her trip and says, “I love Japan! I think all the tiny cars are so cute!”

So Britney, I never knew you liked tiny things. I hate to break it to you, but you really didn’t need to leave America if you like tiny things, you could have just come over to my apartment. Love the bleached hair by the way, you rock Britney.

Britney Spears CD is top of the charts!

Britney Spears CD, Circus, is number one in the nation. And her abs are not far behind. The earth’s axis, while they don’t seem straight, they do seem awesome right now. Check out more from the AP.

The singer’s comeback CD — actually, make that her second comeback CD — will top the album charts next week, according to her label, Jive. Though Nielsen SoundScan does not release its official figures until Wednesday, estimates have the record selling as many as 500,000 copies in its first week of release. “This is going to reinforce her icon status,” said Barry Weiss, chairman and CEO of the BMG Label Group, which includes Spears’ label. “It’s not just a No. 1 album.”

And from OK! Magazine.

“It is too much for her,” an insider tells OK! of the star. “They packed her schedule too tight and now they’re trying to find free time.”
“She has the talent and the musical chops top pull it off, emotionally speaking, it’s a little too soon,” psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Berman, who does not treat Britney, tells OK!. “I don’t think Britney will hit rock bottom, but it does leave her vulnerable to stress and burnout.”

Don’t burnout Britney, just burn calories. Remember, food is bad, stairsteppers are good. Remember, guys like me are good, K-Fed is bad. Speaking of Kevin Federline, he is really into food and not really into stairsteppers these days, in case you missed Kevin Federline fat pictures.

Anyways, here is a Happy Holidays message from Britney, followed by some hot pictures.

Britney Spears turns on Holiday light.

Last night in Los Angeles, Britney Spears turned on the Holiday cheer by switching on the lights. Obviously, she is promoting her new CD and her new body. Man, does she look good again or what? Lets hope she keeps things tight over the holidays and doesn’t pull a Christina Aguilera and try to get preggo again! Anyways, I would like to turn Britney’s switch to ON. Did we ever fathom we’d be talking about her like this again? I know I didn’t. My how times have changed since the Conoco days. Happy Holidays Britney.

Britney Spears met an Ab Roller over Thanksgiving.

Or so it would seem. Man oh man, looks who’s back with sass and hotness. This makes me feel so very 2000 again. Britney Spears is 27 today, but somehow her body managed to revert back to age 22. These are shots from her birthday celebration concert on Good Morning America. Also below the thumbnails, you will find the video of it. We are stocked full of Britney Spears and her new abs this morning, you gotta love it! Her new CD, Circus, also hit the stands today.

More Britney Spears pictures and video.

Britney, Britney, and more Britney Spears.

I know. The last post was about Britney Spears. Well, so is this one. What can I say? She’s hot topics right now. This is from London. She held her birthday at a place that would apparently give free drinks to patrons that chanted her name and apparently cheer for her. Must have been one heck of a tab.

Britney Spears comes home from Europe.

Even though Germans manage to date chicks that typically have mustaches and drink a lot of beer, they still don’t want Britney Spears hanging out. So she’s coming home, which comes shortly after her disastrous performance on Britain’s X Factor and The Bambi Awards. Terrific. Now that she is back, the paparazzi can come back from vacation. I wonder how many photographers burned up all their sick days on this deal? Anyways, Britney is back. Her new single and video is out. Go check it out.

Or not.

More Britney Spears pictures.

Britney Spears gives it up for the Germans.

Britney Spears performed for the Bambi Awards in Germany. If you recall, Britney was trying to starve herself into looking good. I’d say it paid off, she doesn’t look bad. Maybe she is coming back around? Nevertheless, the crowd seems pretty apathetic to Britney parading around on their stage.