More Brooke Hogan, hey, why not?

Remember Brooke, an apple a day keeps the camera away. Or apparently not. God you are disgustingly annoying. Please break your camera. This is worth the watch just because you are annoying. Live happily ever after knowing that. Remember, Brooke Hogan has a mom that’s crazier than her….

Linda Hogan takes the nuttyho highway.

Brooke Hogan is being accused of “spewing lies” about her breastesses. Well, well, I have to ask, who cares? Breast are breast, so long as they are perky, large and whatever. The accusations are coming from her bitter mom, Linda Hogan. Here is more from OK Magazine.

Linda then responded by saying her daughter had breast implants, among other things, in a letter to Perez Hilton.
“[If] Brooke continues to spew lies on behalf of her father’s lame attempt to distance himself from the reality that he is no different from the homicidal OJ Simpson, [Charley Hill] will be forced to put aside his paramedic/firefighting career path and release an album called ‘Redemption’ which will easily surpass any of Brooke’s records sales.”

Brooke Hogan’s new album cover.

Brooke Hogan’s new album cover is out. I have so many things to say, but have decided to take my mother’s advice. If you don’t have anything nice to say about an album cover, don’t say anything at all.

Post over.

Brooke Hogan celebrates 21st birthday

Brooke Hogan celebrated her 21st birthday at Pure Nightclub in Vegas. Basically, the promoters at Pure just couldn’t seem to get Carrot Top to come in and do a celebrity appearance so Brooke Hogan came in. She’s was on call for D-List Monday nights, thank god she answered her phone. Hulkamania was there. As were his daughters boobs, which were hanging out and loitering all over the joint. Just talking about it makes me totally uncomfortable. Remember the time Hulk rubbed lotion on Brooke’s thys? Yuck! More incest drive photos below.

Brooke Hogan begs and pleads for publicity for new music.

Welcome to Tuesday morning edition of Brooke Hogan bikini and sand overkill. There are so many pictures here, you’d almost think that she did this on purpose so that we’d talk about how these were shot at the set of her new Music video. There, discussed. Now, on to how big of a douchebag this Stack$ rapper looks. Whom, by the way, is her boyfriend which completes the perfect pathetic PR trifecta. Congrats. If you have 10 hours to kill, check out the Brooke Hogan pictures below.

Brooke Hogan performs in Miami.

Brooke Hogan got a gig performing stripping at the Calle Ocho Festival in Miami this past weekend. What’s the Calle Ocho Festival? Its a venue that people like Brooke Hogan can get a gig performing at, translation: You’ve never heard of it. Anyways, as you can see from the pictures, she has her dad’s legs and that’s not exactly a good thing. Enjoy these Brooke Hogan strippa pictures at your own risk.