Caroline Wozniacki Tit Show

caroline wozniacki topless

Caroline Wozniacki may not be as hot as Anna Kourinikova, since let’s face it, there’s only one Anna Kournikova in this world, but she does have some hot features to her. Her tits, for instance. For a girl that works out so hard and has nearly zero body fat, her boobage is actually quite abundant. I’m not suggesting implants here, don’t take me wrong. I’m just saying that she’s got big tits for a tennis player. Period.

And now that I’m freely talking about Caroline Wozniacki’s tits, it’s funny that we never see much of them. That’s why these bikini pictures of Caroline Wozniacki are so special: she’s almost showing her boobs in them.
During a beach outing with some of her also tennis playing girlfriends, Caroline Wozniacki changed into a bikini on her way to the water, letting us get a good look at her upper assets. Personally I’m greatful for the lack of dressing rooms in that specific beach. You should too. What’s more, I suggest writing to your state representative and demanding the state NOT to build any there!