Catherine Zeta-Jones Naked

catherine zeta jones nude

Catherine Zeta-Jones has always been a very alluring woman, mostly this month, where she is bearing it all for Allure magazine. Well, almost everything anyway. No crotch shot, though, but lots of boobs and butt.
The May 2010 issue of Allure has one of the hottest photos ever to be published of the Canadian actress. Despite being already 40 years old, Catherine Zeta-Jones still has her beauty intact, as you can see in this photo. What a shame that they only published one single image and not an entire photoset.
Regarding this, Catherine Zeta-Jones said:

That’s when your dancing days and being in theater pay off. When you’re doing a quick change, you don’t give a sh*t who sees you.

Catherine Zeta Jones, girl still got it.

Catherine Zeta Jones attended 4th Annual “A Fine Romance” benefit on Saturday Night, looking pretty darn hot. She is now 39, but still looks about 29 if you ask me. Although the makeup is a bit heavy…I guess that’s a result of attending a benefit? I don’t know, I just don’t know the answer to this things. Thankfully, Michael Douglas is not pictured with her. I really can’t stand that guy.

Anyways, here are some more Catherine Zeta Jones hotness pictures. Enjoy.