Amy Winehouse’s husbands walks out of jail.

Amy Winehouse’s husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is out of the clinker this morning. The judge let him walk as long as his walk was a B-line to rehab, where Blake will most likely reunite with some of London’s finest meth dealers. Go figure? Anyways, Blake better find a way to get the crack pipe going again if he wants to find a way to get back in bed with his wife. Hey, I know that was mean, but face facts here, no one’s doing that catastrophe sober.

The Sun says,

Amy was not present when her hubby was released this morning, she remained in her Camden home after recently checking out of a London clinic following treatment for a ‘chest infection’.
Blake sported a huge grin while leaving prison, wearing a striped red and white T-shirt and trademark trilby hat.
However he did show signs of his time behind bars, with red scratches down his arms and a chipped tooth.

More Heidi Klum, improvement from Hindu Costume.

If you read Celebrityrumors yesterday, then you already know about the Tom Cruise routine she did. As I said yesterday, this new commercial for Guitar Hero: World Tour edition, came off a bit annoying to me. When it was followed up with that disastrous Hindu debacle, it became even worse. But, at the end of the day, its still hot. So, I will give Heidi a break and post the video. I’d say Seal need to wrangler her in, but I think she is pretty much the type to do whatever she wants.

Robert Pattinson signs his hand print, Planet Hollywood.

Robert Pattinson, some guy I have never heard of, signed his hand print in New York City yesterday, at Planet Hollywood. Why am I reporting this? Because its going around, also, because I really didn’t want to run back-to-back Heidi Klum stories (don’t fret, she’s next). Apparently he is the new hot guy on the seen, I guess he is in that show, Twilight. I don’t care. He has goofy looks if you ask me. What’s wrong with his eye? Is that supposed to be some James Dean attempt? What a mess.

Its now official, Heidi Klum is more annoying than Seal.

I was watching TV the other night and I saw Heidi Klum doing a commercial, whereas she was imitating Tom Cruise from Risky Business…where he dances in his underwear playing air guitar. I thought to myself, ‘she really seems annoying, but I should give her a break.’

Break over.

Heidi Klum dressed up like the Hindu Goddess Kali, who is a symbol for death and destruction. Of course, this was for Halloween, which doesn’t make it justifiable.  Not only did she tick off the Hindus, she also ticked off men around the world for breaking the Halloween Hot Chick rule, which asserts that said female must dress like a ho.

From Yahoo.

Heidi Klum, who dressed up as Hindu goddess Kali, who symbolizes death and destruction, for her Halloween bash, has left the Hindu community in America fuming.
The German supermodel dressed up as Kali for the Halloween party at her place on Oct 31, and was even awarded for the best costume of the night.
And now upset Hindus have asked Klum to make a public apology for posing as a sacred figure.
“Goddess Kali is highly revered in Hinduism and she is meant to be worshipped in temples and not to be used in clubs for publicity stunts or thrown around loosely for dramatic effects,” Contactmusic quoted Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed as saying.
He added: “Hindus welcome Hollywood and other entertainment industries to immerse themselves in Hinduism, but they should take it seriously and respectfully, and not just use the religion for decoration or to advance their selfish agenda.”
Other than Zed, various Hindu leaders, including Jawahar L. Khurana of the Hindu Alliance of India, and Bhavna Shinde of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, have condemned Klum for posing as Goddess Kali.
They went to the extent of calling Klum’s act as “denigrating.”

Vida Guerra shows off her trunk on the beach.

Vida Guerra spent the day before Barack Obama day walking around the beach in a thong. This is fantastic, if you like latina round booty. If you don’t, you should. I personally love the dimple on her uppler right cheek. That’s genetic attention to detail right there, folks.

Enjoy, lots of Vida Guerra booty shots for your pleaure.

Jennifer Aniston is pushing for twins.

And apparently, the Mayer is on board. John Mayer has been reading a bunch of fertility books and Jen has been going through fertility treatments. Talk about playing God? How weird. Why on earth would you want to have twins? I think John Mayer just wants to keep the no condom policy in play. I mean, I can’t think of any other reason for such non-sense.

Other than, oh yeah, copying Brad Pitt? Here is what the Star had to say.

Jen has been undergoing fertility treatments, determined to have a pair of babies with John. As we told readers earlier this year, Jen’s biological clock began ticking so loudly that she had some of her eggs frozen just in case she didn’t meet Mr. Right in time. But now that she’s proposed to John — as Star also reported — and he’s excited about being a dad, she’s doing everything she can to conceive before her 40th birthday in February. She’s even been having alternative medicine treatments to increase her chances of having twins.
“She knows her baby-making years are limited,” says a source. “It’s hard for her to think of anything else — she has babies on the brain!”

He ordered a bunch of books on Amazon about pregnancy and parenting,” another source reveals. “He’s just as eager as Jen is. They’ve discussed how they plan to raise their kids, and they agree on mostly everything. They can’t wait to be parents together.”

Robert Downey Jr. says it burns where he…..(yeah).

Robert Downey Jr.’s jewels caught fire while filming a new Guy Ritchie movie about Sherlock Holmes. Yes, that means his junk caught on fire. Look, I can’t think of any other way to say this to you, the man has fire on his jock. Man, talk about a nasty STD….hope that stuff isn’t going around! Not that I really have a chance at catching it (wishful thinking).

Robert Downey Jr. set his crotch on fire while shooting his new film.
The actor, who plays fictional British detective Sherlock Holmes in Guy Ritchie’s latest project, was smoking the character’s famous pipe in one scene when the ash fell onto his lap and set his trousers alight.

A source said: “Robert leaped from his armchair and jumped up and down, slapping his crotch and howling, ‘Oh God, I’m on fire!’ Robert had placed the pipe on a plate on the arm of the chair, but it overbalanced and plopped into his lap, scattering lit tobacco all over his pants.”

Luckily, Robert’s co-star Jude Law—who plays Holmes’ sidekick Dr. Watson in the movie—was on hand to extinguish the flames and save the star from singeing his privates.

The source added: “While Robert was screaming and swatting his pants, quick-thinking Jude saved the day by flinging water from a flower vase at Robert’s naughty area.”

Robert emerged unscathed from the incident, but production was halted while the wardrobe department found him a new pair of trousers to wear.

Lindsay Lohan, turning California red, one voter at a time.

Today’s the day. The day for change. The day every citizen can make a difference. Some citizens can actually make a bigger difference than others, which seems to be the case with Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay has already been cited once by the Obama campaign for supporting them. But once again, Lindsay couldn’t help but lend her support to the Democratic Presidential Campaign, which seems to lend a simultaneous burst of revolt among Democrats. Oh, also, Lindsay says gay people should be allowed to be married (sending a message Lindsay?)

Sorry i haven’t blogged in a minute.. i’ve been traveling and trying to catch up on sleep! I thought it was important to just put a message out there tonight for anyone that is on myspace at the moment.. So, here goes.. I cannot say how important it is for everyone to get out there and vote tomorrow… The future of our country depends on it. Just one vote can make such a difference… Vote-because your thoughts are worth it..VOTE-because YOU can make this country a better place…VOTE-because you can.
I feel like i have so much more to say, but the only thing that needs to be said right now, is for people to get out there and VOTE.
obama for president :)

Tila Tequila seen biting from the Apple.

Tila Tequila is apparently dunzo with Courtenay Semel, that because she has recently been spotted in Vegas tongue-fighting with Justin Long. Yes, you know Justin Long….ok, just kidding, he’s D-List….but, he’s the famous Mac guy. And he’s Drew Barrymore’s ex-apple as well. And Kirsten Dunst. Wow! For a D-Lister, this dude rolls deep with starletts! Check out more here, from Page Six.

But on Halloween, the “Mac Guy” hooked up with trampy bisexual Tila Tequila in Las Vegas. Spies said the two were spotted at Los Angeles airport and nightclub Noir, where Long “asked her to straddle him while making out. Eww,” our spy sniffed.

Ice-T and Coco celebrate Ghettoween.

I know, Halloween is over and old news. But Ghettoween in the Ice-T and Coco family is always worth having a look at. These pictures are from Club Plumm. And yes, the fact that you are seeing them on the Internet means that the images are digital. Translation: These images can’t be burned.

Wishful thinking though.