Coco Austin Turns 30

coco's birthday

Ice T threw a party for his wife Nicole Coco Austin at the Imperial in New York City, that was attended by everybody who is anybody in the Big Apple’s music and entertainment industry.

The party, which is rumored to have cost about $100,000, was a special celebration for Coco’s 30th birthday. Ice-T rented the entire Imperial club, hired a top notch group of DJs, and offered a superb menu and bottomless liquor.

Coco wore an extremely tight white dress that allowed her tits to overflow out the top and showed every curve and bump on her abundant butt. Since Coco has become quite popular for always showing her assets, this does not come as a surprise; what has celebrity lovers talking is the fact that Coco, who is always so careful to hide the unflattering parts of her body, let everything show, including cellulite and a weird looking bump on her right boob (result of too many surgeries). Still she looked very “doable”, as usual!

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