Coco Austin’s Butt Crack Offends MySpace

Coco Austin Butt Picture

MySpace is on its way to losing millions of members after Coco Austin confirmed yesterday that the mega social network deleted a photo of the famous blonde because it showed part of her buttocks. Austin posted on her twitter account:

“Why did myspace take this pic down. Are they offended by ass-crack? Its female curvature!”

The picture indeed shows lots of butt but it’s such a nice big round butt that the MySpace’s moderators should be ashamed of themselves!

Speaking of her twitter, Coco also wrote about losing her jewelry box with all of her and her husband’s bling, and offering a nice reward for it. Poor girl, this is definitely not her week! She should lock herself in her bedroom and not go out until the next moon phase. I’m sure she can find lots of ways to entertain herself like locked in there with Ice.

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