Coco Naked on Twitter

Coco Naked Butt

Coco is back to her own self posting naked pictures of her bare ass everywhere she can. Today’s butt picture was aired via her Twitter account, no big deal. Except that this photo shows a lot more than she probably intended to originally.

The image shows Coco naked in front of a tanning bed mirror, illuminated by the bed’s hard light which makes the whole scene look purple. But what makes this photo interesting is that she’s actually standing in front of a mirror, so you can see her big bouncy boobs and even her shaved crotch. A few weeks ago Coco promised her Twitter subscribers she would share a juicy picture with them once she hit 60,000 fans. Today she made her promise good by posting this photo and twitting:

Here’s what u all been waiting for! A pic of me tanning since I hit 60,000. Don’t click this link if your not ready!

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