Courteney Cox Enjoys Showing Some Flesh

courteney cox cougar town

Courteney Cox admitted today that she feels very confident about her body and does as much as she can to keep it in top shape.Which includes getting breast implants, of course!

During a recent interview for the Sydney Morning Herald, Courteney Cox said:

I was OK flashing some flesh. I think it’s great that the show portrays the reality of what it’s like to be in your 40s. It’s a great time of life.

She also confessed that she lives a much healthier life nowadays. The actress, who is past her 40th birthday, looks as good today as she did during her Friends’ times, probably thanks to some lifestyle changes:

I never exercised during Friends – I just smoked loads of cigarettes. Now I eat and exercise, and you know, do everything I can… I just try a lot harder than I used to.

Courtney Cox is a no good friend.

Courtney Cox and David Arquette ran into Brad Pitt at a concert, now they are apparently hanging out with him. They were both seen out to dinner with Brad. Jennifer, if you are reading, which I know you are, I bet they were talking about you. I just bet they were.