Danielle Lloyd, topless and stockingless on Christmas.

Boy, someone’s Christmas gift really made mine totally suck. I may have to take back my electric toothbrusher and see if I can exchange it for one partly nude Danielle Lloyd. Talk about wanting to get up on Christmas morning, this item would do it! Enjoy the rest of her bikini pictures.

Danielle Lloyd, Guinness, all the right stuff.

Danielle Lloyd is Former Miss England 2004. I know, you were like, who the hell is this hot broad teasing me with that fine mug of Guinness beer. She is also a glam model. And also, not sure if you noticed, she has really nice boobs. So now that you have gotten to know her, you can start fantasizing about what you will never get.

The Guinness! You know what I meant!

These pictures were taken from the Mansion Nightclub in Ireland and just goes to prove that Euro women are a lot cooler than American women. I mean, the proof is in the Guinness.