Debbie Rowe settles custody battle.

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Debbie Rowe and the Jacksons have reached an agreement in the battle over the kiddos that aren’t hers. Yeah, weird eh? Anyways, Rowe gets to keep her originally agreement with Michael, minus the occasional SMS message reply whereas she says, “no, you look normal honey.” Here is more from TMZ.

Sources tell us, Rowe has agreed that Katherine Jackson will be the guardian of Michael’s children, subject to the judge’s approval.
Rowe will get visitation of the two children she had with Michael.
But here’s what’s interesting — Rowe wants and will get a psychologist who will visit the children and help them adjust to her being in their lives on a meaningful basis.
Rowe will maintain her parental rights. We’re told the agreement does not specify the amount of visitation.

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Debbie Rowe looking to get paid…surprise!

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson,

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. Debbie Rowe apparently sent some emails saying she wants to keep Joe Jackson away from the kids. And….wait for it…she wants to get paid! Get outta here! Here is more from Extra.

In an email dated July 2, 2009, Rowe appears to be conflicted about going after the kids:
Rowe to White: “I’m not going after custody. These kids are not mine. They were never mine. They were always Michael’s. I was Michael’s best friend.”
So, why does White say Rowe is seeking custody?
White: “Because I think things change on a daily basis…It’s not like she doesn’t love them. It’s not like she doesn’t want the best for them, but her life is different…The idea of being a mother to those children is something I don’t think she really wants. She can’t just sit back in the shadows and not say anything because then she will be looked at as the woman who gave up her children and that’s a horrible thing to say….She had to do something to protect them in a way.”
Rowe confirms these sentiments in an email to White dated July 5, 2009: Rowe to White: “My lawyer is telling me I have to take some responsibility about the welfare of the children. Do I want the kids? Hell no. Does it look good for me to ask for them? Absolutely. I don’t want to look like the woman who gave away her kids and just forgot about them. Would Michael want Joe to have them? I think it would be the last thing that he would ever have wanted.”
If Rowe doesn’t want to be a mother, why does White believe she’s seeking custody?
White: “The motivation is money. I really have to be honest…If the children aren’t the ones she wants, what else will she gain from it?”
Is a secret custody deal in the works? White: “Yes, absolutely. In one text message she had just said, ‘Just wait until the 14th. Everything will be done after the 14th’…There’s definitely going to be a secret deal. There’s definitely going to be a settlement that’s going to come out of this.”

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Debbie Rowe wants kids, Joe Jackson should stay away…

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NBC Los Angeles is reporting that not only does Debbie Rowe want the Jackson rugrats, but she also wants Joe Jackson to keep his distance from her. She remains vigilant in saying she’s the mother of Paris and Michael Jr. Here’s more.

“I want my children,” Rowe said during a 90-minute phone conversation Thursday morning with NBCLA’s Chuck Henry.
She said she would seek a restraining order to keep Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, away from the children. The agreement does allow for visitation, but Rowe said it’s a very difficult process. She said if she misses a visitation date, it is difficult to reschedule with the Jacksons.
“I am stepping up,” Rowe said. “I have to.”
Rowe said she was still grieving. She said she decided she had to seek custody after Jackson’s death.
“We had an agreement… he didn’t keep his end,” Rowe said, referring to Jackson’s death.
Rowe said she was concerned about splitting up the children. She said she did not expect the court to grant custody of the third child, but added that she would be willing to accept custody.