Paris Hilton goes to Japan with “Hills” boytoy.

Paris Hilton isn’t even good enough for dating the D-List anymore, as she is seen here hanging out with Amanda Bynes sloppy seconds, Doug Reinhardt. This dude is like, almost on The Hills. That’s pretty bad. She claims she isn’t dating him, but she did head over to Japan with him. I guess over there she is kind of a big deal. Cliche? Yeah, because its not true. Here are some more pictures of the D / E-List couple and all there awesomeness…..

Amanda Bynes, remember her? She is relevant again.

Amanda Bynes hasn’t been discussed much as of late. But she is making news this morning because apparently, she is breaking up with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. So this means she is single again, aka, relevant. More from Us Magazine.

“She ended it. She had had enough,” a source close to the actress tells “Her friends didn’t trust him. Everyone thought he was using her for celebrity. He was not good, and she was over it. It was definitely her who ended it.”

Amanda, I can assure you, I would date you regardless of your celebrity. In fact, if you dated me, you would only risk getting used for your boobs.