Elisha Cuthbert Bikini Pictures

elisha cuthbert bikini

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about Elisha Cuthbert, let alone bikini pictures, so these shots of the youthful star of the 24 series are more than welcome. It is nice to finally have some fresh material of her, and speaking of freshness, these photos were shot just yesterday in Cancun, Mexico, where Elisha is spending the week. So fresher, impossible.

For what I see in these pictures, lots of boy trouble (like when her hockey-player ex-boyfriend called her sloppy seconds a couple of years ago) and not landing any major roles in the recent past have taken their toll on Elisha Cuthbert’s figure. She’s put on quite a few pounds…. still looks good, though. A little extra weight never hurt any chick, as long as it’s not too much. Let’s just hope the “Girl Next Door” is capable to stop at her current weight and not keep on expanding.

Elisha Cuthbert has a nude twin.

Apparently, Elisha Cuthbert has a twin body out there somewhere, and happily, its nude. Which rocks. According to this issue of Complex magazine, which also displays some hot clothed Cuthbert pictures, Elisha has a body double do her nude scenes.

You don’t do nudity but instead employ body doubles. What’s the process in selecting someone?
Elisha Cuthbert:
I’ve only had to do it twice. To be honest, it was really quick and pretty basic. I saw three girls and chose one out of the three. It wasn’t a long, drawn-out process. It’s not looking for someone [with] the perfect breasts. Nothing to do with that, really. I think it’s trying to find someone that looks natural, someone that looks good.
You mean someone who acts natural in front of a camera or someone, y’know, natural?
Elisha Cuthbert: You never see their face, right?

Some of you might remember Elisha as the most famous case of sloppy seconds in the world. That’s not an insult, I would take her any round, to be honest. Sean Avery is Doucherirrific!

Sean Avery gets the boot from the Dallas Stars.

Only a mere week since Sean Avery was suspended by the NHL for calling Elisha Cuthbert sloppy seconds, the Dallas Stars has reportedly given Sean the boot. He is no longer a member of the Dallas Stars, according to ESPN.

“All parties said there is a clear understanding that a return to the Stars is not in the best interest of either the hockey club or Avery,” the team said in a news release.
Details of his departure still must be worked out. He could be traded, sent to the minors or bought out next summer. The club said it will work with Avery to try making this an amicable divorce.
However, there’s no telling when Avery will even be ready to play again. He is at an undisclosed location seeking treatment through a program set up by the NHL players association. When he was suspended, Avery told the Stars he needed help dealing with anger issues.