Fergie Has Feelings Too

Fergie Elle Magazine

A very sincere and uncomplicated Fergie opened up to Elle magazine this month about her marriage, her body and things that affect her emotionally. Among these last, she mentioned that when people call her “fugly” it really hurts her feelings.

The Black Eye Peas singer said:

“It has hurt me in the past when people say things like how ‘fugly’ I am or how horrible I look. I’ve had to learn not to give it such a high priority in life…. Look, when you’re trying to juggle all of this in your life, sometimes you’re not going to look perfect. I don’t have time to get a facial every couple of days.”

Personally I don’t think that Fergie is ugly at all. Granted, she’s got a really big mouth. But that mouth has earned her a very respectable living and let’s be honest: a big mouth can fit in a lot more… Now, get your head out of the gutter! I was going to say “more food”!

Fergie is a Flexible Woman

Fergie French Cosmopolitan

Fergie has lots of good features, like her big beautiful eyes, her dick sucking lips, and her all natural boobs, just to mention a few. But did you know that the The Black Eyed Peas’ singer can count as part of her assets a tremendous flexibility?

Fergie proves this fact in her latest magazine appearance, which happens to be on the quite conservative Cosmopolitan mag’s French edition. Except that in this, their latest issue, Fergie is shown in an extremely short dress and lifting her leg in the air all the way to the top of her head. Not very conservative for a magazine directed at women, if you ask me.

The singer, who got married about a year ago, was staying away from sexually explicit pictorial after her wedding, but that seems to be changing rapidly, as she’s eagerly showing her curves to the world again. That new husband of hers is indeed the luckiest man alive!

Fergie’s Ass is Entertaining

Fergie's Ass Photos

Fergie was never one to show much skin in the first place but after she got married she’s been even worse; not a nipple slip, an upskirt shot and even a see thru shirt. Thank goodness her career forces her to dress sexily sometimes and this week was one of those happy occasions.

During their concert at NY’s Madison Square Garden yesterday, The Black Eyed Peas’ hot singer wore a series of outfits that were literally from out of this world, among them one that showed her sweet booty while squeezing her big boobs at the same time. The outfit, that was made of leather and featured space-like crystals around the waist area, was quite weird to say the least, but it included no pants at all. It allowed for Fergie’s back-end to be on display clad in just tight leather undies and black fishnet. Sweet!

Fergie is hiding something in her pants.

Fergie, Josh Duhamel, Dodgers,

Um, here are some weird pictures of Fergie, Josh Duhamel and a spontaneous penis in Fergie’s pants….that’s not belonging to husband Josh. Yeah, ok. I guess it was bring your bat day at Dodgers stadium yesterday? That’s all I got. Go check out the pictures for youself.

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Fergie launches lipstick in Los Angeles.

Fergie was in Los Angeles yesterday launching herV iva Glam IV lipstick for M.A.C Cosmetics. Um, yeah, that’s it. The question is now does Fergie use the makeup on herself? Hey, I had to ask. I’d hit it, I’m not saying I wouldn’t. She definitely has a hot body but her face has always seemed weird to me. Anyways, try her lipstick, I guess. More pictures of Fergie and her lipstick below.