Jizz in my Pants fan version. FAIL.

I am sure you all recall the original Jizz in my Pants, done by Saturday Night Live. Well, consider it ruined by some douchebag fans. This is a FAIL if I have ever seen one.

We the FBI. We got guns.

This video kind of makes me want to go download music from Torrent sites. I really don’t get this. These are some austalian girls that apparently thought making a video would be cute. You can’t own guns in Australia, so don’t sweat it. I guess.

The Jonas Brothers breakup on Youtube.

Not really, but this is just funny. So no, they didn’t really break up, its a spoof, wipe those 9 year-old-esq tears off your manly chest now. I am sure their next album is already in the works. Wus.

NFL Referee makes a tackle in a game.

Kind of funny, watch the hit this NFL Referee puts on a wide receiver, albeit by accident. Still worth watching…

Even Reindeers get STDs, apparently.

When your south pole itches, you might want to go and get that checked out. Look out for the Antler surprise. Good stuff here.