Heather Locklear Arrested

Heather Locklear bikini

Heather Locklear was arrested this morning right after a hit-and-run, and is suspected to have been driving under the influence. The blonde actress ran into a no-parking sign and then sped off out of there. Although nobody was hurt and no other vehicles were involved in the accident, it is technically still a hit and run.

The incident took place in Westland Village, California, near Locklear’s house in Ventura, around 4AM, and the police just cited her for a misdemeanor and then released
her after processing, so they didn’t make a big deal out of it (unlike what would happen to you if you were caught in a DUI). The problem is that Heather is still on probation as a result of her 2008 DUI arrest, so although there was no proof that she was intoxicated, it doesn’t look good.

Here are some photos of Heather Locklear in a bikini, earlier this year.

Heather Locklear charged with DUI.

Heather Locklear has been charged with a DUI. The 47 year old actress was pulled over after cops were tipped off by a crazy woman and told that Heather was acting under the influence. They say it stems from prescription meds.

If convicted, the actress, 47, faces penalties ranging from a fine to up to six months in county jail.
An arraignment was set for Jan. 26 in Santa Barbara Superior Court.
“Lab tests showed she had no alcohol in her system and no illegal narcotics of any kind,” says Senior Deputy District Attorney Lee Carter, who declined to comment on what medications – or the amounts – Locklear had taken.

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