Helena Mattsson Almost Topless

helena mattsson matrix

I just wrote about Helena Mattsson for the first time a few days ago, when she celebrated the Iron Man II premiere with a little nipple slip. Then today I find myself writing about this gorgeous Swedish-born actress one more time. I have a feeling Mattsson is on her way to stardom and we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the upcoming weeks. Personally I really can’t wait to see a lot of her, so I hope I’m right on this one…

Anyway, Helena Mattsson was featured on Maxim magazine this month, and if you’re familiar with the work of the Maxim editors, you know those guys are picky as hell, so from the moment she agreed to be photographed by them, we all rested assured that her photos were going to be pure awesomeness, and she certainly did not disappoint. Here she is in all her glory. Hot, very hot!

Helena Mattsson Nipple Slip

helena mattsson nipple slip

The nipple slip season of the year must’ve already started in Hollywood. Yesterday we had a Beyonce nipple slip and today it’s Helena Mattsson’s turn.

While attending the much awaited premiere of the movie Iron Man 2, Helena Mattsson posed on the red carpet for photographers and paparazzi, and just as she was getting ready to enter the movie theater, one of her nipples came out to say hello. Yes, I admit it, it’s a tiny nipple slip, but a slip nonetheless. And this one is the first one ever recorded! The Swedish born actress has always been so careful, that it’s hard to believe she finally slipped.

They said all along that Iron Man 2 had lots of surprises in it, I just never thought it’d be such a good one!