Hugh Hefner gives his opinion on a nude Jennifer Aniston.

Hugh Hefner checked out Jennifer Aniston’s recent nude cover shoot for GQ magazine, and he approves.

When shown Jennifer Aniston’s nearly naked January GQ cover, Hefner, 82, remarks, “This looks like the cover of Playboy. I’m much impressed by Jennifer.
“Is it just me, or is Jennifer Aniston getting hotter?” he says of the 39-year-old actress. “Never seen her in this light before.”

Mansion invite for Jennifer in her near future? I’d say so. I actually do agree with Hugh, even though he is old as sin. This must make Jennifer so happy that I bet she already posted it on Angelina Jolie’s Facebook page. How long until Jen is officially hotter than Angelina? Or are we already at that point?

Hugh Hefners sons sucks, only dates one at a time.

Hugh Hefners sons admitted to Playboy that they only date one chick at a time. This seems totally sacreligious, if you ask me. How could you go against the family? Hugh should disown them.

On having multiple girlfriends:
Marston: “I’m not going to have multiple girlfriends — not at the same time. I can’t imagine that.”
Cooper: “I can imagine doing that. I don’t think it’s an odd thing to do. You date around to try to find a connection with some girl.”

On their mother Playmate Kimberley Conrad’s stance:
Cooper: “One girl comes in the front door while the other one gets pushed out the back,” Cooper says, adding that his mother has told him, “‘We do not have a revolving door in this house!’ She’s all about one girlfriend at a time.”

On taking over the company:
Cooper: “If I were to take over the company or have a say in what’s going on, I’d want the girls to be presented more as they were in the pictorials back in the 1950s and 1960s -— kind of artsy, classy. I would like to bring back that retro-class feel.”

On living in the Playboy Mansion:
Cooper: “They don’t get it when you say, ‘There’s nothing to do there. But when you live here and come here every single day, you see the same things. Anybody else would be like, ‘Let’s go see monkeys!’ But I don’t want to see monkeys. I’d rather go bowling than play with monkeys.”