Janice Dickinson does a dance for the photogs

Janice Dickinson tries to give a little strip tease to the photogs outside of Nobu. Unfortunately, she isn’t a 21 year old version of herself anymore, but apparently nobody has told Janice this. And due to that, here you go. Fun Friday, eh? Janice Dickinson stripper pictures below. After the pics, there is a video of the incident if you really can’t get enough.

Janice Dickinson used to be a supermodel.

I wanted to title this entry, “Janice Dickinson used to be a supermodel,” and then post that picture. I am basically conducting a scientific experiment to see what type of word combination’s and images can be paired and send the body into certain states: such as, cardiac arrest. So if you are still reading, this means you are still alive. I have likely just shaved off a good portion of readership. Anyways, enjoy the rest of the pictures.