JWoww and Snooki Almost Lesbian Pictures

jwoww snooki kiss

JWoww and Snooki got together on May 5th to celebrate the day of the Batalla de Puebla (Cinco de Mayo) in Miami Beach.

Surrounded by both full and empty margarita glasses and beer bottles, the two reality TV actresses put on a good show for bystanders when they fondled each other a little bit and even swapped food from one’s mouth to the other’s.

I agree with lots of you that JWoww and Snooki are not exactly pretty or even good looking, but they both have massive tits, and hell, if you see two busty chicks making out on the side of the street, wouldn’t you stare? I certainly would!

So, here you go, lots of pictures of JWoo and Snooki swapping food and body fluids in Miami Beach. Stare to your heart’s content!

Jenny Jwoww Has Huge Ones!

jenny jwoww bikini

Even if you’re not a fan of Jersey Shore, there are two really good reasons to watch the show, and they’re right inside Jenny Jwoww’s bikini top! She may not be as gorgeous or glamorous as most TV actresses, but she’s got a tremendous set of knockers that are hard to beat. Good thing is that even when the other cast members of Jersey Shore may be fired at any given time, Jwoww is here to stay.

A source close to MTV powers that be said:

The others could be replaced with even more outrageous characters. But Jenny Jwoww Farley is locked into a contract for season 3.

In the meantime MTV has denied having considered replacing any of the Jersey Shore crew members or even filming the next season, and a rep for the music channel said:

We haven’t even started talking about season three.