John Steward vs. Jim Cramer

So its been going on now for a couple of weeks. John Stewart has been using his Daily Show as a platform to call out CNBC economy analyst out for giving out bad advice. This offended Mad Money’s Jim Cramer, and it was off to the races. Here is the synopsis.

Of course, after all that, the two sat down on the Daily Show to talk things out. That consisted mostly of John Stewart being sarcastic and Jim Cramer squirming for his life.

“If it was a prize fight, they would have stopped it,” said Howard Kurtz, the “Washington Post” media critic and host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” “I was stunned that Jim Cramer kind of did a rope-a-dope strategy and didn’t really defend himself against Jon Stewart’s assault.”

If you go to, you can catch the full-video of the two battling.