John Travolta extortion idea a flop.

Ok, so you know that big extortion case that involves Jett Travolta’s death and some EMT in the Bahamas? Well, the EMT did it, but he also receives a big, fat FAIL. And good for him considering how terrible a person he must be to try and profit off of a child’s death. Check out more in People.

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames downplayed the importance of the document.
“The document did not apply in the Travolta case,” Dames tells PEOPLE. “It did not apply because he was very ill, and so, the only alternative would be to take him to the hospital. Refusal to transport documents are for cases involving minor injuries. If your injuries are minor and you don’t want to be transported, the ambulance driver would produce that form. It waives responsibility on the part of the hospital.”
Dames insists the Travoltas did everything possible to save their son.
“We were satisfied from all our investigations that the Travolta family and those who rendered aid to Jett did all that was humanly possible to revive Jett,” Dames says. “All did what they were able to resuscitate him.”
“There’s no evidence to support that there was any effort to avoid medical treatment,” he adds. “Lightbourn said that himself in several interviews.”

Two arrested in John Travolta extortion allegations

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have been through a lot lately, but this weekend they recieved some good news. Two Bahamian politicians and an EMT who attempted to resuscitate Jett Travolta have been arrested. Here is more from TMZ.

Here’s what we know about the allegations — Obie Wilchcombe (a member of Parliament and former “friend” of Travolta’s), former Senator Pleasant Bridgewater (she just resigned), and EMT Tarino Lightbourne made the initial demand and then began “negotiating” with Travolta’s people. We’re told Travolta’s reps “negotiated,” not to seriously entertain a payoff but instead to gather evidence against the trio.
Sources say “the negotiations” were in the $10 to $20 million range, with Wilchcombe, Bridgewater, and Lightbourne eventually saying they would settle for something in the middle.
Furthermore sources tell us, all three would have received a cut, and Wilchcombe would have received “a significant amount” of the loot.
Sources say Wilchcombe, who appeared on Larry King’s show the night Jett died to discuss the family’s grief, was “very much involved” in the alleged plot.