Christina Aguilera wants more kids.

How much can her body take? Well, apparently we are going to find out. OK! Magazine is reporting that Christina wants more kids. Basically, this means that Jordan Bratman can look forward to doing the deed a bunch more with no hat on. Oh, the misery that is my life. Anyways, here is some more from the interview.

Any plans for a sibling for Max?
I hope so. We definitely want to have another child. Having Max has been an amazing experience. He surprises me every day. In a year, he has grown so much, now he crawls and is starting to walk.
What makes your marriage work?
I have the most wonderful partner in Jordan. We make it a priority to work on our marriage. You have to take it seriously and respect each other and be a team. We always have date nights as well — it helps to keep the marriage alive after you have kids. My husband and I love to play board games together!

Board games? Wow, you two really are keeping the marriage alive. I would have to say that having another baby is more entertaining than that. Now I get it.

Here are some pictures from Christina Aguilera at the Grammys nomination dealio.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman keep getting worse.

Christina Aguilera just released a video called, Keeps Getting Better. That’s a paradox if you look at this picture where its obvious that the couple keeps getting worse. I know, that wasn’t nice, and if you don’t have anything nice to say, you should blog it.

This Jordan guy is such a douchebag, but at least one can take solace in the fact that Christina is now closer to his level. Boy, remember when she was hot? Seems like ages ago. What the hell is Christina wearing in these pictures? Looks like she is going to a funeral for a comic strip character.

More pictures of Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman.