Kate Moss Nude

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Kate Moss, faithful to her origins, is naked one more time. In this occasion, Kate’s bare body can be enjoyed on Vogue Homme magazine (Vogue Men), after being photographed by the same photographer that shot all those famous images that launched her to fame seventeen years ago. Mario Sorrenti, Kate’s favorite photo guy, had the pleasure of shooting the supermodel on this, their second nude spread together.

The first shot, done for Calvin Klein’s Obsession commercials, also featured Moss in the buff, except that she was dry in those images. This time Kate Moss is skinny dipping and sun bathing in a South Pacific desert island. As you can see in the photos below, Kate went all the way out, and the pictorial includes full frontal nudity.

Kate Moss goes topless.

Kate Moss, V Magazine, Topless, Boobs

kate Moss got topless for V Magazine. Pretty much the synopsis of this is that she has perfect boobs. It appears she is wearing a rug in the shoot however, which covers the rest of her body. All good though, I got the goods below. More Kate Moss topless pictures below.

Kate Moss, V Magazine, Topless, Boobs Kate Moss, V Magazine, Topless, Boobs Kate Moss, V Magazine, Topless, Boobs Kate Moss, V Magazine, Topless, Boobs Kate Moss, V Magazine, Topless, Boobs Kate Moss, V Magazine, Topless, Boobs Kate Moss, V Magazine, Topless, Boobs Kate Moss, V Magazine, Topless, Boobs Kate Moss, V Magazine, Topless, Boobs

Kate Moss is braless in New York.

Kate Moss: Has Nipples, Will Show. I think I am going to have that phrase printed on dozens or so shirts and pass them out. Kate Moss, once again, was out parading the streets of <insert city> without a bra. This time it was New York City. I know, this should be a good thing, but lets face it, ever since the model-turned-party, she just hasn’t been the same. Her nipples are very devalued at the moment and this appears more and more as lame attempts to regain the spotlight. I mean, in theory, this should work, but she’s just not model hot anymore so its less viable and more trying too hard. Don’t get me wrong, its never a bad idea to try. Hey, whatever, go check out more Kate Moss nipple pictures below, don’t allow me to ruin your Sunday…

Kate Moss is a man-”b”eater.

Kate Moss is apparently one rough broad. Her boyfriend, Jamie Hince, was recently seen with a black eye. According to the original story from Kate, a box of decorations fell on him. Wow, that happens all the time, you gotta look up carefully before pulling those elves down. Anyways, the New York Post has the real dirt.

KATE Moss has finally come clean about who gave her the scratches on her cheek she recently sported: boyfriend and the Kills guitarist Jamie Hince. Moss had previously claimed a box of Christmas decorations fell on her head, but Brit ain’s Daily Mail reports she was overheard at a London party for designer Stella McCartney admitting that she was actually involved in a “scuffle” with Hince over their holiday plans. Hince, for his part, was left with a black eye, which Moss says was the result of her “chunky ring.” The on- again/ off-again pair are still reportedly on.

And there you go, that makes more sense. To be honest, this kind of turns me on. The thought of Kate Moss beating the heck out of me just doesn’t sway me from wanting to do it with her. But Imma freak….

You can milk Kate Moss, but that doesn’t make her hot.

Kate Moss is not hot. Anymore at least. But I guess as an attempt to prove she still has some viable womanly assets, she wore a see through shirt while shopping it up in Hollywood. Not really sure what’s going on with Kate anymore, but I would suspect cigarettes, parties, malnutrition and maybe cocaine all have a tiny bit to do with this aging disaster. Also, the ugly glasses intended to cover up said disaster are ugly also. This is just a mess.

Anyways, here are the Kate Moss picture. Don’t enjoy.