Katherine Heigl Can’t Let Go

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Katherine Heigl, who is rapidly becoming one of Hollywood’s fastest raising star, was on the Letteran Show last night and she opened up about her feelings about the Grey’s Anatomy show (which she was let go of for being a total bitch and impossible to work with).

Although Heigl’s career has taken off since leaving the show, she still feels bittersweet about being “dumped” and admitted that to this day, she can’t watch the show, saying:

I can’t do it. I can’t. I stopped watching back in November when I went on family leave because I felt like I was missing the party. And I would call and be like, ‘Why is your character doing that?’

May be she needs to weight out what she lost and what she gained from not being on the show anymore, like the main role on a surprisingly good romantic comedy opposite Ashton Kutcher.

Katherine Heigl’s Almost Nipple Slip

katherine heigl nipple slip

Katherine Heigl seems to be getting quite popular lately, and better than that, she seems to be getting quite close to showing her tits.

The star of The Ugly Truth was on stage accepting the Female Star of the Year Award at the 2010 ShoWest convention in Las Vegas, when one of the straps of her red silk dress broke. She managed to keep her cool, clutching the strap and going on with her acceptance speech.

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a terrible tragedy: a perfectly good nipple slip gone wrong, and a big one at that. That whole boobie would’ve come out (and that’s plenty of boobie, lots and lots of it!) Why did she have to have such fast reflexes? Why couldn’t I be writing about a Katherine Heigl’s Nipple Slip instead of a simple wardrobe malfunction?

Katherine Heigl Nude in a Movie?

Katherine Heigl Naked

Katherine Heigl is having her first semi-nude scene in the upcoming movie Killers. Katherine Heigl shows some skin during a heated scene where she lays in bed naked covered only by a sheet, next to her on-screen husband played by actor Ashton Kutcher.

The romantic comedy tells the story of a beautiful woman (Heigl) who meets her ideal man while on vacation and marries him on the spot. Upon returning home, they discover their new neighbors are paid assassins who’ve been hired to kill the two of them. Although the storyline seems promissory, the only real reason for a guy to watch this movie is to see Katherine Heigl naked, and that’s better done in the comfort of your home, so this is one I recommend renting instead of watching at the theater.