Kathy Griffin’s Publicly Spread her Crotch

Kathy Griffin pap smear

You gotta hand it to Kathy Griffin: she’s got guts. The redheaded actress had a public pap smear yesterday to raise awareness for cervical cancer. Propped on a portable gynecological exam table placed right next to her pool, Griffin had a doctor (a shemale doctor, don’t get your hopes up) poke and prod her crotch while at least ten other people watched: personal assistants, camera men, light crew, etc.

The procedure was filmed for Kathy Griffin’s reality show “My Life on the D-List”, and her publicist had something to say about it:

Kathy feels that this cause is so important that she has bedazzled her “va-jay-jay,” so it can be as ‘va-beautiful’ as it ‘va-can.’

Bedazzled vagina and no photos? Now that’s a crime! While she was at it and had the thing decorated and spread, she should’ve had her publicist snap a couple of photos. That would’ve increased her shows ratings tremendously, I guarantee it!

Kathy Griffin bears all, or a lot, in a bikini.

Kathy Griffin does a bikini shoot for Ok! Magazine. To be honest, I am torn and really don’t know how to feel about them. Her body looks pretty tight. But its Kathy Griffin. See the quandry? I guess all you can do is look, I mean, it is Friday, right?

Kathy Griffin shows off her panties.

Kathy Griffin has taken her D-List show on the road. This time she was filming an episode with Paris Hilton. They wore matching outfits. Which could have been somewhat remotely funny had Griffin not flashed her granny-panties to the whole world. That kinda ruined the moment, if you ask me. Paris did not follow suit, which potentially could have balanced out the situation. You know, like when you come in from a cold day and put your hands under warm water, it just balances things out. More pictures below, beware of Kathy Griffin’s panties.