Kirstie Alley a Racist?

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The Chicago Sun Times has revealed today that Kirstie Alley has something against hispanics, especially if they work as paparazzi.
The windy city’s most read newspaper says today:

Kirstie Alley has long had a love/hate relationship with the paparazzi. Now there are reports the actress has hired a private eye to investigate the paps she hates. That includes delving into immigration records, hoping to uncover illegals — many of the L.A.-based paparazzi are of Mexican or Central American descent — and have them deported.

For a woman who is so desperately looking for love and not finding it due to her ever expanding weight, she may want to start being more open minded, and may be, just may be, get a taste of those same hispanic paparazzi. She may actually like it!

Kirstie Alley Needs Love

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Kirstie Alley was very successful in her younger days as an actress and spokes-model for several companies, but in the last few years things haven’t gone so well for her. After two divorces and an arduous fight against her mounting weight, Kirstie saw her life crumble during the last decade. Lucky for her she managed the strength to overcome these issues and got back on her feet (and off the junk food). Now the only thing that her life is lacking is love.

During her appearance on the Larry King Show, Kirstie said:

I love, and I do want to be in love with someone else in my life. I miss being in love. I miss missing someone and being in love with someone and waiting for them to call. I went on a date about four months ago – sort of a date. I won’t do a date-date, because I don’t want to waste my time. If I meet someone and I think there’s a potential to fall in love with them, I’ll spend the time. But I don’t even want to spend two hours with some dude that I have no interest in. […] I want someone who is really funny. I want someone who has dough (money). I’ve never been the dough girl – because you know what, women who make money are threats to men who don’t make money. And that always causes a big problem… I want the guy to be happy in his own life and love what he does and be really interesting… I want to be two fabulous people that go together and then you’re like, oh, my God, these people are amazing.