Lara Stone Naked

lara stone naked

When there are no celebrities showing their pussies or having some of those “accidental” nipple slips they have us accustomed to, I have no choice but to resort to writing about naked supermodels.

In that light, it’s Lara Stone’s turn to be featured on our blog, partially thanks to Hollywood’s celebrities good behavior as of late, and partially because she is completely naked on the latest edition of Interview magazine. The funny thing is that despite she shows everything in these pictures, and the magazine is named “Interview”, there is no interview with Lara Stone there. You’d think she’d earned the honor of answering a few questions in exchange for dropping her clothes off for their camera. Life is not fair. But these naked photos of Lara Stone make it more bearable, don’t you think?

Lara Stone Nude

lara stone naked

A nude photo of Lara Stone has been released today as a promise of good things to come in the first issue of Industrie magazine.

The issue, which is to hit newsstands everywhere next month, is supposed to have Lara Stone naked for an article named “ How to Look Good Naked”. For some reason I’m not sure Lara is a good example for this type of article. Please don’t take me wrong, I agree that she’s hot as hell and has a perfect body, but shouldn’t they have photographed, instead, a chubby girl trying to look good naked? Because no matter what Lara is wearing or not wearing, she’ll always look good.

Just take a look at this very explicit photo of supermodel Lara Stone where she’s completely naked, including full frontal nudity, and see for yourself if she wouldn’t look great no matter what!