Leelee Sobieski has a Case of the Pokies

Leelee Sobieski pokies

Leelee Sobieski was photographed today in the streets of New York where she resides with her family, while wearing a very unrevealing outfit, which still failed to cover her very erect nipples.

Wearing a full fledged bra and a very thick blue tank top did not deter Leelee Sobieski’s nipples from showing thru the fabric like little soldiers standing at attention. May be she should just give up and admit that her tits are too nice and her nipples too hard for her to keep on covering them. But you know how good girls are, always refusing to go topless.

I’m serious when I say that if Leelee Sobieski would start showing some skin (namely her tits), her career would go a lot further and her fans would love her a lot more!