Marissa Miller Looking Hot for FHM

Marisa Miller Naked

America’s pride and joy Marissa Miller, voted FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World, opened up her garden gates for a sexy shoot for the men’s mag. As the reason why, she said:

I know men are very visual, so I thought it would be fun to play up the sexy, housewife-next-door fantasy.

Now I have no doubt about how smart she is… because she is so damn right! It takes a woman in her 30′s to really know the nature of the beast!

Anyway, in this hot photo set, not only does Marissa take a wander in her dressing gown dressed in barely nothing, but she also mows the lawn in a bikini top, tiny denim hotpants and heels. If Marissa Miller was your neighbor, your house price would sky-rocket, especially if this is how she reads the morning papers.

Marisa Miller Bikini Pictures

Marisa Miller Victorias Secret Catalog

If you’re a fan of Marisa Miller, and enjoy seeing this super babe in a bikini (who doesn’t?), there’s no need for you to wait for the next Victoria’s Secret catalog to be printed. Here’s a lot of pictures of America’s most popular VS angel posing in the most flattering swimsuits.

These photos are obviously the “winners” among more than twenty thousand snapshots taken by Victoria’s Secrets photographers of Marisa Miller this season. Needless to say, she looks awesome in each and every one of them, but isn’t it a shame they never let the discarded photos see the light? I bet there’s plenty of juicy material there, from nipple slips to full bikini malfunctions, you’d be able to see lots of good stuff! May be one day a disgruntle employee will unearth all those shots… and I’ll be right here waiting to post them!

Marissa Miller takes a stab at the St. Barts shoot.

Marissa Miller followed up Miranda Kerr’s St. Barts performance with one of her own. Personally, I dig Marissa a bit more, but that’s just me. I know, I know, I wouldn’t turn either girl down. Ok, Marissa is smoking hot as well, you are missing the point. Look, just enjoy the rest of the Victoria’s Secret bikini shoot in St. Barts.