Mickey Rourke makes attempt at fashion.

Mickey Rourke is now making an attempt to dress the part of rejuvenated acting career. Only one thing: He is fashionably challenged. This is a complete disaster. It looks like Nick Lachey aged 40 years and got blue paint dumped on him during a Nickolodean show. Not good. But I did hear The Wrestler is really good. I guess that makes up for some of this mess.

Mickey Rourke did not likely vote NO on Prop 8.

Mickey Rourke, the guy above dressed like a homosexual man dressed as a gay sailor hanging out on a gay cruise, apparently doesn’t like gays? Or at least doesnt mind calling them derogatory names.

Mickey Rourke’s foul mouth has gotten him in trouble again.
The actor spewed an antigay slur last night when a paparazzo asked him about gossip reports linking him to Evan Rachel Wood.
“She’s a good friend, that’s it,” Rourke said, while walking into L.A.’s Hyde nightclub. “Tell that f—-t who wrote all that shit in the paper I’d like to break his f–king legs.”
A video of the incident quickly went viral today as soon as it was posted at Hollywood.tv.
But now, in an exclusive statement to me, Rourke says he regrets what he said. “I want to sincerely apologize for the derogatory word I used,” he says in the statement. “It was insensitive and inappropriate of me and I am deeply sorry that I may have offended anyone.”

Maybe he gets a free pass on the F word? I mean, well, you know what I mean….