Mischa Barton does her best Lindsay Lohan

Remember how that one time Mischa Barton got all crazy, drank a ton in Tijuana, and acted a fool? Well, apparently that wasn’t just some character on her show, The OC. Its real life. Here is Mischa Barton at the recent Christian Dior show in Paris trying to pretend, well, she is Paris…or Lindsay….I mean, its fake lesbianism, so you decide. All the same, she looks pretty good. She has awesome legs. And I would love to vacation with her in Tijuana. Rock on. Check out more of the Mischa Barton pictures.

Mischa Barton sends a shoutout.

From her nipples. You fot it, Mischa Barton is inviting you to go to her website and check out her nipples. Hey, don’t ask, just check out the video.