The 2010 Oscars Ceremony

2010 Oscars Cleavages

The 2010 Oscars Awards came and went last night without any special incidents worth mentioning, except the fact that they were a little disappointing for the lack of boobage. That’s right! For some reason the Oscars seriously lacked in cleavages this year. You’d think that with the increased popularity of silicon enhancements, every actress that can afford it would have a generous cleavage by now. But the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony proved that this by far is not the case.

Although short skirts abounded, slutty tops were nearly inexistent (except for the beautiful and very revealing dress worn by Hilary Swank), and actresses with small boobs were actually the ones dressed in the sexiest outfits. Among them shone Vanessa Hudgens and her B-cups, and Natalie Portman, who showed her long perfectly shaped legs in a dark gray dress that made her look simply edible.