Ben Still and P-Diddy both like the carpet to match the rug.

This story is just weird. So this Nancy Jarecki broad has a line of products for dying your pubes, which isn’t so strange, however, the fact that she tells the media who her buyers are is really strange. I would even say, bad for business. Could you imagine if the asian massage parlors disclosed their client list? Man would I be….I mean, would certain people be mad. From Page Six.

It’s not just women who are interested in matching the carpet to the drapes: Jarecki says so many men have bought the product that she plans to launch a “Betty for Men” line early next year. “I guess man-scaping for guys is really big these days,” she says, adding that she recently sent the entire assortment of colors to noted waxing enthusiast Diddy and got back a thank-you note from his assistant.
A Betty spokesperson adds that “Law & Order” brunette Mariska Hargitay, country singer Vince Gill, Jack Black and Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor also use the product.

And with that, I am kind of grossed out. I really don’t want to spend too much of this morning discussing Ben Stiller’s pubes, however, shouldn’t he be man-scaping? I guess some of these guys missed the memo that went out 5 years ago.