Kelly Brook Naked

Kelly Brook naked

We have survived for over a month without nude photos of Kelly Brook, and I for one, was already having a hard time breathing. But the beautiful British model has come to save my life with the video preview of her upcoming movie Piranha-3D.

The flick is a horror movie where scores of man-eating fish attack a group of people. Something along the lines of Aracnid and Anaconda, except that this movie has Kelly Brook naked in it!

Check out the screengrabs from the video released at Comic Con, and that brings us Kelly Book and Riley Steele naked. I also added a nude photo of Brook from her latest Reebok commercial. Now that’s an ass!

Leelee Sobieski has a Case of the Pokies

Leelee Sobieski pokies

Leelee Sobieski was photographed today in the streets of New York where she resides with her family, while wearing a very unrevealing outfit, which still failed to cover her very erect nipples.

Wearing a full fledged bra and a very thick blue tank top did not deter Leelee Sobieski’s nipples from showing thru the fabric like little soldiers standing at attention. May be she should just give up and admit that her tits are too nice and her nipples too hard for her to keep on covering them. But you know how good girls are, always refusing to go topless.

I’m serious when I say that if Leelee Sobieski would start showing some skin (namely her tits), her career would go a lot further and her fans would love her a lot more!

Katy Perry is Naked

katy perry naked

I keep saying that Katy Perry is dying to be naked, and to help me prove my point, here she is, on the cover of the new Rolling Stones magazine edition.

Wearing fishnet panty hose and nothing else, Perry is brought to us holding her big beautiful breasts with her arms and looking straight into the camera like asking “you want me to move my arm?”

In any case, the latest news about the voluptuous pop singer tell us that it was rumored that she said about Miley Cyrus:

Britney Spears all over again.  It’s worse.  Look at those outfits.  Bad.”

But before a big scandal would ensue, she took to her Twitter and made it clear she didn’t.

“I never said shit bout my girl Miley. I love that ho.”

Eva Mendes Sex Tape?

eva mendes sex tape

Just when we were wondering who would be the next celebrity to pop up with a sex tape, and as we were tossing names like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan out there, we get the surprise of our lifetimes and find out that Eva Mendes is the one!

You read it right: An Eva Mendes Sex Tape was just released. But don’t get your panties in a bunch yet. The tape is actually more L.O.L than S.E.X., since it was made for Funny Or Die, and in it, the curvaceous Cuban actress teases us with the idea of a sex tape. If you’re in the mood for a good laugh while watching sexy Eva Mendes, check it out, it’s well worth it!

Katie Price is Talented

katie price tits

My favorite British celebrity, Katie Price, just found a new way to express herself, other than by showing her tits and cheating on stranged husbands: she wrote a book!

Titled “Paradise”, the book does not refer to Katie’s golden life, but is actually a novel about a glamour model (surprise, surprise) who must choose between her husband and another dude. The shocking fact is that the book has received a 100% thumbs up from all readers who’ve bought it and read it, and as a result Price has been offered a contract to write yet another of her autobiographies. Last time I counted she had written three of those already, so I have no idea what new stuff she’ll be adding to this one. Unless there are nude photos in it, I doubt she’ll sell many copies.

Lindsay Lohan is Out of Jail

lindsay lohan blonde

Lindsay Lohan was released from jail this morning, as a result of a trade-off, that will exchange the actress’ remaining jail time for rehab time.

Surprisingly enough, Lohan was not sent to an alcohol-specializing rehabilitation center, but to Morningside, a place that specializes in getting patients off meth and opiates. A source has informed TMZ that in addition to a rumored crystal meth addiction, Lindsay will be treated for a bipolar disorder.

In the meantime Dancing With The Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba announced that she’d love to have Lindsay Lohan on her show, and added:

Lindsay is my No. 1 pick. I want her so bad! Please, Lindsay Lohan, come on our show!

She then explained:

I think it would be great for her. She’s so adorable. I think she needs a second chance and it would be a wonderful way to show the world she can pull it together.

Tara Reid Shows her Pussy

tara reid pussy

Just a few days ago I posted photos of actress Tara Reid drunk out of her skull in St Tropez, showing her black panties under a short black dress to the paparazzi without a care in the world.

Well…  another photo shot the very same night has surfaced, where Reid is wearing the same exact black dress, is sitting in the same night club, and is surrounded by the same friends (including ex fiance Michael Axtmann), but she is NOT wearing any panties. We don’t know if she removed her panties so Axtmann could finger her better, or if she used them to wipe her own drool at some point, but proof is in the pudding: Tara Reid’s Pussy is showing under her dress. No panties whatsoever!

Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pictures

Alessandra Ambrosio bikini

Alessandra Ambrosio is on vacation somewhere in the Caribbean (my sources have failed to locate her exact position), and as a result, there’s been a deluge of photos of the beautiful Brazilian super model wearing the cream of the crop of the sexiest bikinis available.

Here are a bunch of bikini photos of Alessandra Ambrosio wearing two different “outfits”, and looking extremely hot in both of them. But forget the bikinis, I really need to talk about her general looks: with any super model, you know by the time you get your hands on any of her photos, they’ve been so photoshopped that they don’t even look human anymore. But  if you notice, these pictures are 100% untouched real candids shot at the beach. Still, look at the hotness and perfection of this chick. Now, this is what I call natural beauty! Without make up on, totally drenched and just being herself, Alessandra Ambrosio looks like a surfing commercial. Dang!

Adriana Lima Bikini Pictures

adriana lima bikini

Adriana Lima has the best tits in the haute couture world, and although she’s not as eager to show them as some of her Victoria’s Secrets counterparts (namely Rosie Huntington Whiteley), she’s not exactly hiding them lately.

Here she can be appreciated in some sexy bikinis while being photographed for the upcoming VS catalog. As you can see, those Adriana Lima titties are literally overflowing her bikini tops.

Ah, and don’t let me forget to mention her pussy thrusting action. Notice in the leopard print bikini, how she keeps thrusting her hips forward… is Adriana trying to tell us something?

Tara Reid is Drunk, Gives Upskirt Shot

tara reid upskirt

Tara Reid had great plans for 2010. First she enrolled herself in rehab to stop her heavy drinking, and then she got engaged to Internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann, hoping to have a beautiful spring wedding.

But just weeks ago she broke off her engagement and called off her May 22nd wedding. Then last night she was photographed in St Tropez getting wasted with a bunch of her friends (a list that includes notorious basketball player Dennis Rodman).

I think marrying Michael Axtmann would’ve been the best thing Tara Reid could’ve done to save herself from years of buzz-related issues and a lonely life, but who am I to tell this gorgeous blonde what to do with herself? Hopefully she’ll come to her senses. In the meantime, I’ll order another tequila and hope for another tit slip!