Pamela Anderson Regrets Posing Naked

pamela anderson tits

Pamela Anderson admitted today that she regrets having shown herself naked so much, since it has caught up with her family. During a Playboy party that took place yesterday in Bucharest, Pammy told Pro TV, a Romanian television channel:

My children are made fun of because I have posed naked. When you pose, you are not thinking that one day you will have children who will see it.

Pamela Anderson, who has two children, apparently didn’t realize until it was too late, that her kids would become teenagers at some point, and their friends would jerk off looking at her, and them laugh at them. Oh, the hypocrisy of society!

Pamela Anderson for PETA

pamela anderson peta ad

Pamela Anderson is back. After staying out of sight for a while, the Baywatch hottie came back into the spotlight this week, when celebrating her birthday in style in Las Vegas. And now she got our attention one more time, with her new campaign for PETA, where she is almost naked. Although the idea behind her ad is to turn us all into vegetarians, Pamela Anderson is actually awakening the meat lovers in us. Wouldn’t you want to sink your teeth into that chest and that… how does she call it… rump?

Anyway, here is Pamela Anderson in a bikini for PETA looking just as tasty as she did when she was 23 years old. I guess she’s living proof that not eating meat does a body good. Lots of good!

Pamela Anderson Turns 43 in Style!

pamela anderson party

Our all time favorite blonde Pamela Anderson turned 43 years of age this week, and she celebrated the joyful occasion at the Venetian Hotel’s TAO Beach in Las Vegas, like the star that she is.

After drinking lots of champagne and flirtingly flaunting some bare leg (which to be honest, doesn’t show her age at all) to the young studs present, Pammy went on to party with her large entourage of friends, all dressed in very colorful and extravagant outfits.

The former BayWatch star is still making hearts flutter and she proved so when every single guy in the hotel followed her when she started a conga. With tits and legs like hers, can you really blame them?

Pamela Anderson’s Hard Nipples and Financial Troubles

Pamela Anderson nipples
Pamela Anderson showed up yesterday at Millions of Milkshakes, the new Aubrey O’Day business venture, dressed in a white t-shirt-like dress and no bra. Apparently the vegan milkshake she had was very cold, because Pammy’s nipples stayed erect the whole time she was at the venue.

But Pamela’s erect nipples are the least of her concerns right now. The IRS reported this week that the former Baywatch star owes $493,000 in personal income tax and her name was added to the annual list of delinquent taxpayers that the California Franchise Tax Board makes public every year.

Last year, a tax lien for $493,144 was filed against Pamela in April 2009 and five construction companies also placed liens against her Malibu home for “labor and materials … to remodel main house, construct swimming pool, construct foundations for guest house.”

Pamela Anderson will Dance

Pamela Anderson Candid Photos

It’s official: Pamela Anderson WILL be on Dancing With The Stars in its new season. The announcement was made today by the show’s powers that be, and Pam, who’s currently in Kent, England, filming a commercial for Walkers Crisps, was notified via a phone call. Regarding the happy news, Pam said:

I’m having the best time, this will keep me out of trouble. It’s stimulation, mentally, physically and emotionally. It has my focus and I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance. Maybe I’ll get in shape as well. This is a leap of faith. I’ll learn a life skill. I’m a romantic, I’m putting my heart into this.

Apparently it’s been settled for a while, but the producers of Dancing With The Stars had only one condition to officially accept the former Baywatch star: no nipple slips. How disappointing!

Pamela Anderson’s Nipples are Fashionable

Pamela Anderson Bikini Pictures

Pamela Anderson was the highlight of the New York Fashion Week this year, when she walked the catwalk dressed in a space-age inspired bikini from the A Muse collection, which clearly showed her big nipples and didn’t hide much of the rest of her sculptural body. The voluptuous actress, who’s turning 43 this year, wore the tantalizing outfit to show her support for its creator, designer Richie Rich. Rich, who happens to be one of Pam’s best friends, designed her entire A Muse collection inspired on Pamela’s beauty.

Last time Pamela Anderson modeled a Richie Rich’s creation was at the New Zealand Fashion Week, where one of her breasts popped out as she bent down to receive a flower bouquet. Unfortunately there were no nipple slips as part of Pammy’s routine this year, but we’re hopeful it’ll happen when she competes in the upcoming season of “Dancing With The Stars”.

Pamela Anderson, PETA model, steakhouse promoter.

Pam Anderson helped open up Sapphire Steakhouse in New York City. Two things stand out here: 1) Pam Anderson and the establishment name Sapphire in the same sentence whereas Sapphire is not the proper name of a strip club. 2) She just recently did a PETA ad and protested KFC. Boy, the colonel can sure smell hypocrisy when its around eh! Pam is finger lickin awful in the picture above, when will she stop dressing like a teenage girl at the mall? Oh well, if you like it, then click on all these Pamela Anderson trashy pictures.

Pamela Anderson works during fashion week.

What is the deal with fashion designers suddenly using Pamela Anderson as their runway model? Remember last week in Vegas with Richie Rich? Well fast forward to this week in Paris during Fashion Week, and what do you know? Pam Anderson is at it again. Ok, she’s an icon, we can all agree on that…but this seems a bit much. Fashion Week? Come on. I mean, check these pictures out for yourself and let me know what you think. Comments are always appreciated.

Pamela Anderson sports a bikini in a fashion show.

A decade past when she should be even in a bikini, Pam Anderson somehow got the nod in Vegas at Richie Rich’s fashion show to light up the stage in a bikini. And she went the full distance on this one. Dancing, parading, leg kicks, pretty much a lot of unsexiness. Man, remember when she was so hot? Frolicking across a Santa Monica beach to save some kid in the water? Those days are gone with the wind. Anyways, I’d still hit it. Here are lots more of the Pam Anderson Vegas bikini pictures.

Pamela Anderson shows off a bikini in Malibu.

Pamela Anderson enjoyed the gorgeous LA weekend weather by putting on a bikini and heading down to her old Baywatch stomping ground, Malibu. Only problem is, she showed up appearing to be the one that was stomped on. Ugh. Well, she is older and to be honest, all things considered, I guess this isn’t so bad. Hey, I’d still…..ok, just go check out the pictures for yourself and be the judge.