Paris Hilton gets paid a cool million to open Australian club

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Australia apparently didn’t get the memo that Paris Hilton is well, out. This evidenced by their Sydney Marquee Nightclub paying the heiress 1 million dollars to hang out at their nightclub’s opening and trick Aussies into thinking that she hangs out at this place. That’s awesome, its like, Asutralia is in a time warp that is behind like 5 years or so. What an enterprise miss Hilton has going however, 1 million dollars just to show up and dance awkwardly with a flute of champaign and smile at other patrons as if its the best party of her life? Just when you thought this show was on its last leg, it finds Crocodile Dundee as an agent and revives everything. What’s next, a tribal dance house in Kenya?

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Paris Hilton to Plea Guilty

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Paris Hilton, who can be seen in these photos wearing a pink swimsuit paired with lots of bling, agreed today to take a plea in regards with her recent arrest for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas. She is due in front of a Las Vegas judge in just a few days to make her stand official, by pleaing guilty to misdemeanor drug possession and misdemeanor obstructing an officer. As a result, she will be sentenced to one year of probation, but if Paris fails to comply with the terms of this probation, she will have to spend a whole year behind bars in Nevada.

Paris Hilton’s Cleavage at the Mall

paris hilton cleavageParis Hilton’s magical cleavage made an appearance today at a shopping mall in New York. The blonde billionaire was dressed in a very revealing print dress with a plunging neckline that showed lots of sideboob. As you can see in these photos, Paris’ tits are back to their normal size, and can be appreciated in all their natural beauty now that she’s not wearing a bra.

I really hope that Paris Hilton doesn’t end up in jail this time, as a result of her drug carrying activities… It’s very refreshing to see Paris in a new sexy outfit almost every day, and we’re all going to miss her terribly if she does go behind bars.

Paris Hilton’s Vagina… a Stashing Place?

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A friend of Paris Hilton told IUC this week that the blonde heiress is fond of using her vagina as a stashing place. The friend, code-named “Carolina” said:

That’s why the first thing she asked the cops in Vegas was to use the bathroom. She knew it would be her only chance to hide the cocaine and avoid arrest. Paris is not as dumb as she seems. She’s one of the most clever and manipulative people one can ever meet. And she thinks quick, just like she did in Vegas. She has cat like reflexes.

To top it off, “Caroline” added:

Paris travels all over the world and parties like a rockstar. I love her but she definitely needs professional help. It’s time she looks at herself in the mirror and realizes she’s not 21 anymore.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Paris Hilton and her Amazing Cleavage

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Just a few days ago I was blogging about a celebrity who has small boobs and managed to make them look humongous thanks to a padded bra, and I recall comparing her to Paris Hilton and her unique ability to make her own tits look like overinflated balloons while they’re actually a size B.

Well, speak of the devil, because here is Paris dropping some amazing cleavage while promoting her new fragrance “Tease”. Need I say anything about her tits, other than WOW?

By the way, while we’re on the rhetorical questions part: did I overdose on Starlight Mints or is Paris looking tremendously like Marilyn Monroe in these pictures?

Paris Hilton Showing her Bra

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I’m sure you remember those recent topless photos of Paris Hilton snapped while she navigated the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately the Paris photos I bring you today are not nearly as racy as those, but in a manner of speaking they also show the blonde heiress’ tits.

Here’s Paris Hilton walking around in sunny Beverly Hills in a see thru top that clearly shows her bra. No nipple slip, sorry! But despite not showing as much skin as we all wish Paris would bare, these photos are a step in the right direction… after all, just a year ago (while engaged to ex-fiance Doug) the popular socialite would’ve never worn a see thru blouse in front of the paparazzi, and today here she is, clearly strutting her B-cups in a tiny bra. An improvement indeed!

Paris Hilton is Innocent!

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The big celebrity news this past week was in reference to Paris Hilton, and read: A court in South Africa has dropped the marijuana-smoking case against Paris Hilton and instead charged another person in her group. Hilton was arrested at the World Cup quarterfinal game between Brazil and the Netherlands.

I was wondering for a while… do you think it’s the money or the fact that Paris Hilton is a hottie that’s helping her get out of trouble every time? I have no doubt that her money helps a lot but do you think we would love her less if she was poor? I don’t know about you but since I’ve seen her sex tape, Paris will always have a special place in my heart. Just remember how sexy she was in that hotel room. God, I wish I had been there!

Anyway, Paris Hilton’s publicist released a statement today to clear up the rumors about the famous heiress being arrested on marijuana charges. “Paris Hilton was questioned today by police in South Africa on allegations of smoking marijuana. However I can confirm that the incident was a complete misunderstanding and it was actually another person in the group who did it.” See? She’s a good girl!

Paris Hilton’s Nipples Say Hello

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Now that Paris Hilton is single again, it’s not surprising that she’s back to her old tricks, showing her nipples all over Hollywood.

Hilton and Reindhart’s break up is official despite previous talk about their upcoming wedding, and most likely as a way to prove to the world that she’s over Doug, Paris forgot her bra at home yesterday.

Mark my words: it won’t be long before the blonde heiress flaunts her twat to the paparazzi again. She may even go as far as filming another sex tape with her next one night stand.

There’s actually have been rumors of a sex tape coming straight from the bed of Paris and Doug, which apparently is very discreetly being peddled by Doug himself. After he spent two million dollars romancing Paris during the length of their relationship, he may be trying to recoup his losses.

Paris Dumps her Boyfriend

Paris Hilton Breakup

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Dough Reinhardt have split, according to E! News. The two had been talking for months about her impending marriage and their plans to have kids and what not, and now this? Paris’ little heart must be broken! She has tried to marry her last 3 boyfriends but they keep on slipping between her fingers. What’s up with that?

In the meantime, Dough is not doing too good either, and is trying to mend their relationship. A source close to Reinhardt says: “He was in Aspen with his dad this weekend and was considering stopping by Vegas on the drive back, but changed his mind. I’m pretty sure that’s why he went to Aspen…to hide out and try to get over her.”

Hopefully they’ll get back together; they make a very pretty couple. If not, well… let’s stay put and wait for Paris’ next pussy flashes.

Paris Hilton Show is a No Go

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Paris Hilton is trying to find a buyer for her latest idea: a reality TV show that will follow her through her engagement and wedding to boyfriend Dough Reinhardt. But major stations in the US have said no to the blonde heiress.

A source told the New York Post that “she’s been on TV constantly since 2003, when The Simple Life debuted, and the public may be saturated with Paris.”

In the meantime her boyfriend has also come up with a show idea, but this one has nothing to do with Paris herself. Reinhardt is trying to make his little sister Casey famous, and is trying to create a show similar to Keeping Up With The Kardashians about her. Unless he gets her to make her own sex tape, I seriously doubt he’ll find any network interested in his idea.