Will Paula Abdul be Searching for Stars?

Paula Abdul Star Search

Paula Abdul may be back on TV very soon, although definitely not on Dancing with the Stars like it was previously rumored. The choreographer turned singer turned judge is in talks with ABC to be the main character in a remake of the talent show Star Search.

Entertainment Weekly’s TV Guy Michael Ausiello said last night that ABC has offered Abdul a juicy contract in the $1 million range. Although Paula has not said yes officially yet, it is doubtful that she’ll refuse to go back to work with such a generous offer on the table. What’s more, ABC has apparently suggested that Paula will not only be one of the judges but the host of the show.

Paula Abdul’s stalker kicks the bucket.

Apparently, stalking is a really stressful hobby. Last night, a woman was found dead outside of Paula’s home last night is believed to be the stalker that LAPD has had to deal with many times in the past. Looks like she took too many pills.

An LAPD spokesperson said the parents of the victim believe their daughter was a “big fan” of Paula’s. Whether this has anything to do with the victim’s death is unclear, but it seems more than a coincidence her body was found just yards from Paula’s home.
There’s no evidence of foul play. The victim has not yet been ID’d. We’re told Paula was not home and possibly shooting for “American Idol.”

I was always under the impression that stalking was a way to relieve stress? I guess not. Anyways, on to the heart of this love story: Who the hell stalks Paula Abdul, of all celebrities? That’s just, well, creepy.

Paula Abdul shows support for Barack Obama.

Thankfully Obama was declared winner, because Paula Abdul coming out in support for him would have lost mroe than a few votes. If I see Paula by a plum at Ralphs grocery store, I do not buy plums.

For a year.

Seriously though, who cares what Paula Abdul thinks about politics? or if she cries? Actually, I am down to watch her cry. Call me mean. I already know this.

With the election of Barack Obama, Paula Idol of American Idol will stay just that – an American.
“I was crying!” she tells PEOPLE. “You feel such a sense of pride that you can’t even articulate how good you feel. It’s unbelievable! I have chills. I was just so excited. I was texting everyone: ‘Peace has begun.’ And then I was texting everyone, ‘I don’t have to move to Vancouver now!’”