Rosie Jones Topless

rosie jones naked

It’s been way too long since Rosie Jones and her perfect tits were shown online but here she is again. Her and her big bouncy tits. And ass. Enjoying these so far?! Because I definitely am!

Rosie Jones’ new photo shoot for Loaded magazine features her at the pool and what seems to be a golf course, but I doubt you’ll notice the scenery. Hell, Rosie Jones could pose with a dead body and it would still be the greatest thing you see all day. With boobs like hers in the picture, it’s hard for any air-breathing man to look anywhere else. Personally I’m having a terrible time peeling my eyes from her photos to write this post. So guys, enjoy this … it’s my gift to you.

Rosie Jones’ Boobs for Nuts

Rosie Jones Topless Photos

Those of you familiar with England’s magazines for men, are probably very well acquainted with Rosie Jones, a Page 3 girl who just made the front page of Nuts. On the other hand, my readers from this side of Atlantic may be wondering who this voluptuous beauty is. Well, she IS Rosie Jones :)

Rosie started her career pretty much the day she turned 18 (and by the looks of her you can tell she just couldn’t wait any longer). One of her first pictorials is the famous double-take she did for Loaded magazine back in December of 2008, where she posed in the buff next to Sophie Howard. The current magazine spread of Nuts is not as tantalizing as that much-talked-about Christmas issue, but it does show Rosie Jones’ Boobs in all their splendor. Not bad… not bad at all!