Sandra Bullock’s Latest News

sandra bullock black baby

Today has been a big day for Sandra Bullock, who finally announced this morning that she is indeed filling for divorce from her husband Jesse James after he repeatedly cheated on her. That’s good news for both parties involved: Sandra can turn that page and find herself a new man, something that won’t be difficult at all; and Jesse can quit sex addiction rehab and go back to what he actually enjoys doing. After all, is there really such a thing as “sex addiction”? Every guy out there loves sex and would love to be banging a new chick every week. We just don’t have the money or means to do it.

Another news from the Sandra Bullock camp is that she released the first public photos of her adopted black son Louis Bardo Bullock, who will not have Jesse’s last name. The baby is an adorable boy of about 6 months of age, and about him, Sandra just said:

He’s just perfect, I can’t even describe him any other way. It’s like he’s always been a part of our lives.

Sandra Bullock Divorcing Jesse James

A moving truck was seen in front of Sandra Bullock’s house yesterday, and numerous boxes were moved out of the Beverly Hills residence. In the meantime, her husband, West Coast Choppers’ owner Jesse James has checked himself into rehab in an Arizona clinic, but that is not changing Bullock’s mind. The Oscar-winning actress has contacted her attorney and filled out divorce papers, although she hasn’t filed them yet.

A source close to the couple told Radar Online:

Her attitude against Jesse hasn’t softened since she found out he was cheating on her. She’s been betrayed and cheated on and she’s not getting over that. Why would she want to get back with him after what he did to her?

The same source added that Jesse admitted to Sandra that he had intercourse with as many as seven women during their marriage.

Another Rival for Sandra Bullock

This seems to have been a weekend of confessions for ex-lovers, with yet another tattoo-covered big tits model having come forth and adding herself to the list of women who banged Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s soon-to-be ex-husband.

Star Magazine reports that:

The sexy blonde stripper spills the exclusive details of her affair with the Jesse — including unprotected sex, kinky requests and intercourse on his office couch. Melissa first made contact with Jesse online… in September 2006 (a year after he married Sandra) when he saw a photo of her on the Web site posing in front of a car at a West Coast Choppers party. […] Soon after Melissa traveled to California, where they “ended up having sex on his couch”.

In the meantime, a source close to Bullock and James had foretold that more women would come forward in the Jesse James cheating scandal, telling Us Magazine that “This is not an isolated incident. When Sandra is away, he gets bored.”