Score one for Jimmy Kimmel.

Score one for Jimmy Kimmel, after getting dumped by comedian Sarah Silverman, these new pictures of her on the set of Peep World surfaced and apparently, she’s put on some weight and she digs the watermelon. Yeah….I would say she wasn’t in a position to dump anyone! Its called bargaining strength. She doesn’t have much right now. This has to make Kimmel feel great today.

Sarah Silverman dumps Jimmy Kimmel.

Sarah Silverman has broken up with Jimmy Kimmel, yet again. The on-again-off-again couple is apparently, off-again, according to friends close to the situation. Us Magazine has more.

“Sarah initiated the split this time,” the source tells Us. “He’s bummed.”
This breakup happened within the last two weeks.
“He’s really blue — very down,” another source tells Us. “Seems like it’s over for good this time. He’s sad because he just bought a new place and now has nobody to share it with.”

Jimmy, why not man up and go out to the clubs and pick up a waitress trying to break into the business? Not to yourself, your a star. Sarah is getting old anyways….