Sean Avery gets the boot from the Dallas Stars.

Only a mere week since Sean Avery was suspended by the NHL for calling Elisha Cuthbert sloppy seconds, the Dallas Stars has reportedly given Sean the boot. He is no longer a member of the Dallas Stars, according to ESPN.

“All parties said there is a clear understanding that a return to the Stars is not in the best interest of either the hockey club or Avery,” the team said in a news release.
Details of his departure still must be worked out. He could be traded, sent to the minors or bought out next summer. The club said it will work with Avery to try making this an amicable divorce.
However, there’s no telling when Avery will even be ready to play again. He is at an undisclosed location seeking treatment through a program set up by the NHL players association. When he was suspended, Avery told the Stars he needed help dealing with anger issues.

Sean Avery, the hockey player for Dallas, in trouble.

Apparently Sean Avery is none-to-happy with other NHL players taking out his ex girlfriends. And the NHL isn’t happy with Sean Avery expressing his discontent. So they suspended him for the above comments. I personally think its awesome. Finally, something in hockey I can follow with actual interest. Since when did the NHL adhere to such a moral code?