Serena Williams Not Too Happy with her Body

Serena Williams ass

When I think of tennis players I think of nicely shaped bodies with a certain “volume”, that would put any skinny model to shame. This means I can certainly appreciate Serena Williams’ curves.

The reason I wanted to make this clear from the beginning is because the Wimbledon winner, who beat Zera Zvonereva (another tennis hottie) in the Ladies Singles on Saturday, says it took her two decades to embrace her body shape, and explained:

I was 23 when I realized I wasn’t Venus. She’s totally different. I’m super-curvy. I have big boobs and this massive butt. She’s tall and she’s like a model and she fits everything.

Big boobs and a massive butt mean more territory to explore and more pleasure to have. Common girl, just take your clothes off and let us judge!

Serena Williams in a bikini

Serena Williams took a little R&R down in Miami this past weekend, and other than being a major tennis star, she also doubles as a bikini warrior. Plain and simple folks, she could kick my scrawny a$$. Lots of dudes like this look, lets face it, she’s an athlete. I mean, see rapper Common. All the same, she could kick his a$$ also. Not a bad way to start off a Tuesday if you ask me. Enjoy the rest of these Serena Williams pictures.